A Review We’re Very Proud Of

Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb is an unusually brilliant man. One of the two of us (G.W.) read some of his analysis of Biblical criticism over five years ago, before writing our book, and found it impressive and persuasive. It was an oversight not to note this in our acknowledgements section. With a Ph.D. in mathematical logic, the former professor of philosophy at Johns Hopkins University and now senior faculty member at the distinguished Jerusalem yeshiva Ohr Somayach, Rabbi Gottlieb is more than qualified to assess the logic of Biblical criticism and he finds it wanting, to say the least.  In this very brief blog review, he calls our case against Bible criticism “sufficient to destroy the credibility of Biblical Criticism for an honest thinker.”

We’ve gotten all kinds of feedback on the book, positive and negative, but those who have not liked it have not attacked its logic; they just didn’t like its implications or its tone or the way it conflicted with their personal philosophy. You don’t really need a background in Talmudic rigor or a Ph.D. in mathematical logic to evaluate the intellectual bankruptcy of Biblical criticism; as Rabbi Gottlieb notes, an “honest” open-minded approach will do.

But, if anyone out there in Bible criticism land — a university professor or credentialed clergyman — believes he has a superior argument, please contact us through this website about setting up a debate. Shouldn’t years of writing and research on a topic predispose one to test those ideas? Shouldn’t researchers want to know if their hypothesis fails, so they can build a new and better one? Please be in touch. An operator is standing by to take your call.

P.S. Rabbi Gottlieb also praises another book, with the very same title as ours, that came out at the same time, and also seeks to refute Biblical criticism. We were completely surprised by the publication of this book, but share Rabbi Gottlieb’s assessment. Clayton Howard Ford’s book is superb, utterly devastating and, as Rabbi Gottlieb points out, surprisingly does not overlap with ours. We heartily recommend his book to any honest thinker.

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