Radio Days

In the past few days, we’ve commenced our first radio interviews. Gil’s first two interviews are linked below, and we’ll try to get Eyal’s up as soon as we can. There’s been a lot of initial interest in this book on Christian radio, and that is reflected here. The first interview is on a Catholic show based in Erie, PA and the second one is an Evangelical Protestant show based in Houston.

The first one is worth hearing for the hilarious faux pas Gil made on his maiden interview. It’s right at the beginning and much laughter among both host and guest ensues. If you listen to the second interview you can hear just how seasoned Gil has become.

And as we contemplate the topic of the Torah’s authorship, we wish our Jewish readers a happy Shavuot holiday (which celebrates God’s — not J, E, P, D or R’s — ¬†giving the Torah to the Jewish people).

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