A Clever Analogy

January 17th, 2013

Roger Kovaciny, a Lutheran minister serving a congregation in Ukraine, wrote the following brief review of our book, which we gratefully post here with his permission:


A brilliant professor contemplated the New York Times crossword puzzle he had just completed–perfectly–in his head–in twenty minutes.  Suddenly, in a flash of insight that would change the course of history, he realized that the title of it should be ignored and its actual content investigated.  After many, many weeks of laborious drudgery, he was ready to unveil to a waiting world this news flash:  This crossword puzzle had four authors and an editor!

It wasn’t quite as simple as it seemed–nothing ever is–but essentially the puzzle consisted of various snippets from lost sources by a Horizontalist, a Verticalist, an Abbreviator and a Phrasemaker.  They were woven together with great skill by a Redactor, who somehow even managed to craft an overriding narrative for the puzzle.  Half a dozen clues yielded phrases that told the story of a young man who parlayed his passion for skydiving into a business career designing and selling parachutes and skydiving gear.  He became so successful that he incorporated, but “fell,” alas, into keeping two sets of books, which resulted in him ending his career as he had begun it, in a jumpsuit.  Of day-glo orange.

Now, if you can believe that this is how a New York or Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle is constructed, you should have no trouble believing the Documentary Hypothesis, which teaches roughly the same thing about the Torah.  If you don’t, however, and would like a book that dissects, slices, dices, skewers, and exposes to utter discredit the Documentary Hypothesis, and is comprehensible by your laity as well, help is near.  The foundation under modern religious liberalism is utterly demolished by a recent book titled “Who Really Wrote the Bible?”  Eyal Rav-Noy and Gil Weinreich show how the Documentary Hypothesis is equally as preposterous as my little comparison to a crossword puzzle, and give many tables and examples of the interlocking characteristics of Bible verses that the editor would somehow have to create or preserve while weaving together snippets from hypothetical documents.  Of course, there is not the shadow of a trace of a hint of such documents anywhere except  in Julius Wellhausen’s imagination.  It is like the theory of evolution or the Jehovah’s Witness Bible translation, a monumental castle in the air with a missing foundation.

You can find it at WhoReallyWroteTheBible.com or used at Amazon.  It costs an hour’s pay or so and will take only a couple pleasant hours to read.  And with the comparison above, you can explain it to your lay people in five minutes so that they realize that the entire edifice of liberal Christianity and Judaism is like an upside-down pyramid balanced on a single rotten and crumbling, nay, MISSING brick.

Roger Kovaciny

Ternopil, Ukraine