Have you ever wondered...

  • Who really wrote the Bible?
  • Whether the Bible is really the work of a single author?
  • If there is any evidence to support the "documentary hypothesis" that the Bible was composed by four different authors (J, E, P and D) at different times?
  • Why rabbis, priests and ministers advance agendas at odds with Biblical morality?
  • Why there is so much controversy about the authorship of the Bible?

If so, then this book is a must-read. It provides the insights
you need to truly understand the origins of the world's most read book.

"This bold and brilliant book dazzlingly defeats two hundred years of spurious scriptural scholarship and rolls back the sly secular struggle to demystify the Bible and diminish its influence on Western civilization. Rav-Noy and Weinreich strike a compelling blow in the crucial cultural debate whose outcome will sculpt our society for generations. Regardless of religious background, every reader who cares about freedom, goodness, and light will gain insight and inspiration from this wonderfully lucid and edutaining volume."

~Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president, The American Alliance of Jews and Christians

Who Really Wrote the Bible? addresses these and other questions in an entertaining, enlightening and highly original way. It confronts head-on and in a spirited way the follies and foibles of "the Bible critics"—the class of professional scholars and theologians who embrace the documentary hypothesis. The book breaks through the fog of intellectual condescension of the so-called experts to reveal text-based clues that conclusively demonstrate the literary unity of the Five Books of Moses.